CoolCore towel is made of chemical free fabric to keep you cooler and drier as compared to traditional towels. Unlike traditional fabrics that depend on chemicals or polymer crystal treatments and degrades over time, CoolCore fabric contains chemical-free blended materials which are all biologically safe. These fibers yarn the following functions:

  • Wicking – Move sweat away from your body
  • Moisture Transportation – Avoid saturation and accelerate drying
  • Regulated Evaporation – Consistent cooling effect.

When Can You Use CoolCore Towel?

In a tropical weather like Singapore, CoolCore towels are not only suitable for exercise, but also appropriate for daily activities whenever you feel hot. In some cases, CoolCore towels are even suitable for people who runs a fever!

Benefits of CoolCore Towel

  • Cooler – Up to 30% lower surface temperature
  • Drier – Non- clinging and non-saturating
  • Healthier – Non-chemical
  • Last longer – Zero degradation over time

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