Founded by two ultimate players, the Daredevil disc has become the most recognized disc brand in Canada and is used most frequently in their local tournaments. It is favored amongst the professionals and beginners because of its fancy design as well.

Product Highlights

Official Tournament Disc

The 175 gram Daredevil disc is the official weight and size for major tournaments and competitions. The Daredevil brand is also one of the only two brands in the world which have been approved by USA Ultimate at the championship level (the other being Discraft).

Disc Golf

Another area which Daredevil discs are popular is in the disc golf arena. This sport is still picking up in Singapore but is highly popular overseas. The discs used in disc gold are designed differently as they are flatter.

Available Designs

  • Daredevil Black

  • Daredevil Plain White

  • Daredevil Sky Blue


The Sports Shack

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