The world standard for Ultimate Frisbee, the Discraft UltraStar Frisbee is currently used in most major tournaments and is one of the most popular Frisbee disc used.

Engineered for perfection, the Discraft UltraStar is made to fly straighter, go faster and travel longer distances. Built for hours and hours of fun, it is definitely the only Frisbee disc you will need.

Product Highlights

Official Frisbee

The 175g UltraStar is the official Frisbee used in major leagues, tournaments and competitions. This is because of its durability and consistency. Not only is it used in tournaments, it is also commonly used amongst beginners as the consistency in flight makes throwing and catching the disc much easier.

Advanced Engineering

Created after specifically studying the needs of Frisbee players, the Discraft UltraStar Frisbee has a contoured grip that allows for better throwing and catching. In addition, because of its aerodynamic shape, the UltraStar is able to maintain better stability in the air travel longer distances.

Available Designs

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  • Discraft J-Star Yellow

  • Discraft Supercolour American Eagle Disc

  • Discraft Supercolour Starscape Disc

  • Discraft Supercolour Superorb Disc

  • Discraft Supercolour Yin Yang Disc

  • Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Discraft Ultra-Star Black

  • Discraft Ultra-Star Blue Sparkle

  • Discraft Ultra-Star Bright Red


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