Ever felt that bringing an extra shoe bag for your soccer training boots or your basketball court shoes is troublesome? Introduced to Singapore for the first time, the patented Klitch Footwear Clip allows your shoes to be secured from your backpack.

The Klitch Footwear Clip is a revolutionary product which not only saves you space and hassle, but is also stylishly designed to integrate into your sporting outfit. Check all our designs here.

Colours Available

  • Klitch Clip Pink

  • Klitch Clip Purple

  • Klitch Clip Red

  • Klitch Clip Yellow


Product Highlights

Safe and Secure

The Klitch Footwear Clip allows your shoes to be secured tightly to hang freely from your backpack or bag. Its unique patented design not only secures your shoes together tightly without damaging them, but also prevents them from dropping off your backpack, so you don’t have any worries about having your shoes being taken or losing them while on the move.

Frees Up Your Hands And Backpack Space

Using the Klitch Footwear Clip allows your footwear to hang securely from your backpack, which allows your hands to be free while on the move, This gives you more freedom to play games on your smartphone, hold on to railings on our crowded public transport, or even read a book while on the go. Additionally, with your shoes hanging outside of your backpack, you can stores more items into your backpack with the space saved using the Klitch Footwear Clip.

Stylish Designs

The stylish and sleek design of the Klitch Footwear Clip blends in well with your backpack and sporting outfit. With various single colour designs available, the Klitch Footwear Clip is not only functional, but also adds variety and style as a sports accessory.