No need to worry about carrying a shoe bag around to keep your shoes any more! The Klitch footwear clip may just be the right tool for you. With its patented design, you will be able to carry your shoes outside of your bag without making your bag smelly or dirty!

No need to worry about the expensive shipping cost when you get it from overseas, The Sports Shack will take care of all that hassle for you.

Features and Highlights

Clip Anything!

With this patented design, you will be able to clip anything outside your bag. From boxing gloves to running shoes, slippers to roller blades, the klitch can hold up to 20 lbs! This makes it perfect to handle these sort of equipment. Allowing you to hang the footwear outside the bag also means that you will have more space within the bag! In addition, forcing shoes into your bag will definitely damages your shoes in the long run and that is what we want to prevent.

Better Organization

Not only can be klitch be used outside, it can also be used at home for better organization of your footwear. Hanging it out also allows the shoes to air better and dry quicker after use. This prevents it from smelling extremely bad.

How Is It Used?

Additional Benefits

  • Good for travelling
  • Saves lots of space in your bag
  • Allows shoes to air and dry between use
  • Helps protect against athlete’s foot

Designs Available

  • *NEW* Shoe Deoderiser Klitch

  • Klitch Clip Blue

  • Klitch Clip Green

  • Klitch Clip Neon Purple

  • Klitch Clip Pink

  • Klitch Clip Purple

  • Klitch Clip Red

  • Klitch Clip Yellow