Want to play frisbee straight into the night? Well the Nite Ize frisbee is just the thing for you. No need to worry that the sun is about to setting and you not being able to see the frisbee, these flying disc are able to turn the lights on so that you able to spot them and catch them.

Product Highlights

Made By Players For Players

Nite Ize was founded and created by Ultimate Frisbee players so they understand how important a good disc is. That is why these Nite Ize Fribee are lightweight, made of durable materials and are able to fly straight.

Colourful Designs

With a simple press of the switch the Nite Ize Frisbee can turn on the LED lights and light up the entire sky. The LED can last up to 100,000 hours and are available in a variety of colours to provide endless hours of entertainment and fun!

Water Resistant

No worries if you want to play it at the beach because even though there are electronics involved, the Nite Ize Frisbee are water proof and suitable for use at the beach or by the pool

Light Up The Night!

Designs Available

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