PenguinAce is a Japanese company which specializes in anti-slip gloves, which are highly ideal in the Ultimate sport. One of their leading products, the PenguinAce Gloves used their newly developed P Pattern to increase its grip and durability.

Top Designs

  • Penguinace Anti-Slip Gloves Black

  • Penguinace Anti-Slip Gloves Blue

  • Penguinace Anti-Slip Gloves Red


Product Features and Highlights

Durable and Reliable

PenguinAce’s anti-slip gloves are highly strong and durable. Using PenguinAce’s P pattern development technology, their gloves not only provide a stable and reliable grip in all weather conditions, but also effectively protect your hands from injuries and abrasions.

Optimal Balance between Comfort and Flexibility

As with wearing gloves for sports, sometimes athletes feel that their comfort is reduced with gloves that are too thick. Additionally, such gloves provide a level of inflexibility for their fingers to grip as well. However, with PenguinAce’s anti-slip gloves, which are designed optimally for fingertip movement and flexibility, athletes will feel that their hands are well-protected without feeling constriction from the gloves. Also, PenguinAce’s anti-slip gloves are made up of absorbent and quick drying material which absorbs moisture, providing further comfort for its wearer.

Multi-Purpose with A Range of Colours

At The Sports Shack, we retail products which provide maximum value to our customers. These products include the multi-purpose PenguinAce’s anti-slip gloves, which are suitable not just for Ultimate, but also a variety of other physical activities, such as weight lifting, tennis, canoeing and so forth. These gloves protect your fingers and hands from cuts, abrasions, blisters and calluses which may affect your performance and comfort.

The Sports Shack

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