PenguinAce is a sportswear company from Japan specializing in producing anti-slip gloves. As a leading company in the anti-slip glove market, PenguinAce operates and manufactures with the highest of anti-slip technology.

Available Designs

  • Penguinace Anti-Slip Gloves Black

  • Penguinace Anti-Slip Gloves Blue

  • Penguinace Anti-Slip Gloves Red


PenguinAce Feature Highlights

Top-Tier Technology at Your Fingertips

Hailing from Japan, PenguinAce uses top-tier technology within its anti-slip gloves. Using their specialized P pattern development technology, PenguinAce ensures that their gloves provide an Ultimate player with a secure grip, regardless of any weather conditions or sweaty palms. This allows any player, competitive or recreational, to up their game by leaps and bounds, and ultimately improves a player’s confidence in the game.

High Quality and Better Reliability

Staying true to Japanese traditions, PenguinAce consistently manufactures high quality and standardized gloves with anti-slip properties. It is this consistency and insistence upon quality that has made PenguinAce’s anti-slip products popular worldwide.

The Sports Shack

At the Sports Shack, we provide a wide variety of brands for accessories, such as Frisbee Shorts and Anti-Slip Gloves, which can improve your game through providing better comfort and performance. It is through using such accessories that a player can obtain better confidence and self-esteem while in the court.