The Sports Shack houses a variety of sports apparel that are not commonly found in your typical sports shop. From Ultimate equipment to basic outfits to wear to the gym, we have an extensive range of premium quality goods to meet your needs.

Aside from the apparel, we also have a range of other equipment for fitness buffs. Food like the P28 High Protein Spreads are specially brought in because they can be quite hard to find here in Singapore. Check out our more popular products below or visit our store to see our whole range of products.

Popular Products


The range of CoolCore products are meant to keep you in tip top condition. You can either chill it and apply it to injured areas, or simply use it to keep yourself cool and fresh as you go about your physical activities. The unique feature about CoolCore products are that they use technologically advanced fabrics, which are not in anyway harmful to the skin.

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Tired of carrying your shoe bag around. Unhappy that the shoe bags always smell so bad. Then try out the Klitch! The Klitch is perfect for keeping your shoes in place and hanging your shoes outside your bag. In this way, they are able to dry right after use and you no longer have to worry about that foul smell all the time.

  • *NEW* Shoe Deoderiser Klitch

  • Klitch Clip Blue

  • Klitch Clip Green

  • Klitch Clip Neon Purple

  • Klitch Clip Pink

  • Klitch Clip Purple

  • Klitch Clip Red

  • Klitch Clip Yellow