Worried about missing that catch because of sweaty palms? This may be the solution for you. The ultimate frisbee gloves help eliminate slippage on your throws and catches and we know this is especially important during competitions.

Highlights and Features

Superb Grip

With the superb grip of the ultimate frisbee gloves, it helps to keep your hands warm and most importantly gives you a good grip on the disc even when the frisbee disc is damp or wet.

Added Protection

With the extra layer of leather protecting your hands, you don’t have to be afraid of catching extra zippy throws. In addition, it provides added protection for your hands when you need to make dives.

Available Designs

  • Penguinace Anti-Slip Gloves Black

  • Penguinace Anti-Slip Gloves Blue

  • Penguinace Anti-Slip Gloves Red