For avid fans and players of Ultimate, UltraStar Frisbees are a must to have for a personal experience of fun and entertainment for friends and family. Suitable for leisure as well as competition, owning a UltraStar Frisbee allows you to hone your skills as a Frisbee player, while staying fit and healthy at the same time.

Product Highlights

Ideal for Beginners and Leisure

UltraStar Frisbees are designed to stay in flight in straight paths for a long gliding period. This makes them easy to handle and ideal for beginners, especially those who are learning throwing techniques, such as the forehand and backhand throws.

Durable and Consistent for Professional and Competitive Play

UltraStar Frisbees are made consistent and durable. This makes them long-lasting for prolonged periods of usage both outdoors and indoors. It is also highly recommended for competitive players to practice using UltraStar Frisbees to get used to competitions who utilize such standardized Frisbees.

Engineered for Performance

The design of the UltraStar Frisbee, such as its weight, material and shape, make it ideal in gliding and staying straight in flight after a throw. This ensures that you do not have a sloppy disc for your Frisbee games, and making good throws and catches allow for a fun time for everybody in a team-oriented game.

Available in Bright and Attractive Designs

Our UltraStar Frisbees are available in a wide range of colours and designs. Pick the one which you prefer suits your personality or your favourite colour!

Popular Designs

  • Discraft J-Star Yellow

  • Discraft Supercolour American Eagle Disc

  • Discraft Supercolour Starscape Disc

  • Discraft Supercolour Superorb Disc

  • Discraft Supercolour Yin Yang Disc

  • Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Discraft Ultra-Star Black

  • Discraft Ultra-Star Blue Sparkle

  • Discraft Ultra-Star Bright Red


Aside from these designs, The Sports Shack has an extensive range of other designs to choose from. Click here check out all our available designs now!